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Every podcast and streaming audio business deserves a fair chance to grow.

Independence breeds opportunity

Great audio content is everywhere. Whether you’re the creator yourself, or one of the myriad businesses supporting that content, you play a critical role in entertaining and informing the world. But, no great mystery, some shows get heard more – and have an easier time earning revenue – than others. Why? It’s about access.

When content is tied to one of the few media-tech empires, it certainly comes with benefits – a large audience, the latest technology innovations, a good amount of ad buyers, and more. But not everyone gets the privilege. And even when they do, it comes with tradeoffs. Simply put, sometimes big media-tech is more focused on its own growth than that of its partner-customers. And just as the walls around those gardens can limit access to the broader market – more listeners, business partners, technologies – they can equally limit transparency into how their customers’ businesses are being managed.

SoundStack is guided only by what delivers the best results for our 14k+ customers. That means facilitating connections to nearly any partner across the market, working seamlessly with different tech platforms (“tech-agnostic”), building in the latest innovations, and making them really simple to use. Maybe most importantly, it also means truly collaborating with our partners to help them navigate the complexity and come up with the best solutions for their business.

That's the value of independence.

How we got here

When he was 15, SoundStack’s CEO Jon Stephenson formed EmpireStreaming, headquartered out of his parents’ basement in Hermitage, PA. Over the past 15 years, he and the team have built this business from a one man startup to a consistent award winner of the Inc 5000 fastest growing companies in America. Jon acquired Live365 (under the holding company Media Creek) in 2018.

In 2022, EmpireStreaming was rebranded to SoundStack, an audio-as-a-service company powering delivery, monetization, and insights for businesses of every stripe and size – podcasters, broadcasters, advertisers, buy-side platforms, media representation companies, and more.

In aggregate, SoundStack distributes content to tens of millions of end-users daily, and generates over six billion monthly ad opportunities, with a growing team of 70+ full-time individuals around the world, with headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA.

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