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About us

The highest quality audio platform in the industry

SoundStack in a nutshell

Since 2010, SoundStack has stood for the highest quality audio delivery platform in the industry. It has grown to a community of over 12,000 global publishers who rely on our platform everyday to upload, track and deliver audio in ways never thought possible. Our quest is to simplify, demystify and deliver audio at scale, in whichever “verse” audio is listened to today and in the future. 

At just age 15, SoundStack’s CEO Jon Stephenson formed EmpireStreaming, headquartered out of his parents’ basement in Hermitage, PA. Over the past 12 years, he has been able to build this business from a one man startup, to now a consistent award winner of the Inc 5000 fastest growing companies in America. In addition to EmpireStreaming, Jon was able to acquire Live365 under the newly created holding company, Media Creek in 2018. 

In 2022, EmpireStreaming was rebranded to SoundStack, an enterprise audio-centric content delivery network, audio advertising solutions and analytics technology SaaS provider, powering some of the largest and most powerful brands in the audio space. In aggregate, SoundStack distributes content to tens of millions of end-users each day with a growing distributed team of 50+ full-time individuals around the world, while being headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.

We're on a mission to simplify

SoundStack is simplifying audio creation, distribution and monetization, as the first Audio-as-a-Service <AaaS> company. Yes, you can pronounce it Ass — remember when working in media was fun? So do we.

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Join our team of audio experts. We operate fully-distributed with a healthy mix of real-time and asynchronous, just like our platform.

Jon Stephenson


Skills: Remote leadership and delivering product.

Superpowers: Communicating vision, product ideation, go-to-market strategies and technical recruitment.

Kryptonite: Can talk about vegan recipes for days.

Trivia: I’m a model railroad aficionado.

Rockie Thomas


Skills: Creating revenue and increasing value.

Superpowers: Communication, revenue forecasts, and business models.

Kryptonite: Drop a beat, she will dance pretty much anywhere.

Trivia: Bassoonist — music scholarships paid for her two bachelor’s degrees.

Mike Reznick


Skills: Building teams and structure to accelerate growth. Marrying the demand side with premium inventory and innovative ad tech.

Superpowers: Making the plan and achieving the plan.

Kryptonite: Kettle chips. The entire bag. They never had a chance.

Trivia: I bought my first album at the real Licorice Pizza.

Sean Lozensky


Skills: Streaming Media and AdTech & DAI.

Superpowers: Sleuthing, MacGyvering, and optimizing AdTech solutions.

Kryptonite: Solving ‘impossible’ problems (or an empty shooting range.)

Trivia: Developed one of the first audio ad insertion systems back in 1999.

Johnie Floater

Chief of Simple

Skills: Navigating between the creative and the detail-oriented mentalities in an organization. Keeping everyone on the same page!

Superpowers: No sleep needed. Always on the clock!

Kryptonite: Radio drama- Shadoe Stevens, Firesign Theatre,  Joe Frank, Jack Flanders, Live365’s old time radio stations.

Trivia: A high school media mogul. Secured pro bono airtime from the local AM/TV group and sold spots for the drama club’s satirical productions of 1970’s era TV dating shows and music countdowns.

Justin Ruoff

SVP of Operations

Skills: Creating remote work culture and lean methodology.

Superpowers: I can create a process out of anything. I can manage organizational priorities like no other, and I know way too much about the blockchain ecosystem.

Kryptonite: Mention Web 3.0 and hours will be gone.

Trivia: I did freelance sports journalism in college for beer money.

Jason Stoddard

Live365 General Manager

Skills: Driving SaaS subscriptions and sales, digital audio distribution, internet radio licensing and royalties, and streaming product management.

Superpowers: Seeing 360 views of issues and simplifying complex problems.

Kryptonite: The topic of music or books and going down that rabbit hole.

Trivia: 8 years of college but no degree to show for it.

Matt Kellogg

VP of Sales & Business Development

Skills: Improving bottom lines, relationship building, and ethical selling.

Superpowers: Empathy, positivity, listening, and making deals.

Kryptonite: Starbucks and his wife — the two things he can never say “no” to.

Trivia: Moved to Chicago to study at Improv Olympic and Second City for 15 months only to find out he is not very funny.

Stacy Newhuis

VP of Demand

Skills: Consultative seller and revenue driver.

Superpowers: Networking, new business development and communication.

Kryptonite: Talker. You can put her in a room with anyone.

Trivia: World traveller — 36 countries and counting.

Lukas Lalinsky

Chief Architect

Skills: Making complex software simple on the inside.

Superpowers: Always two steps ahead, not more, not less. Likes to go deep on interesting problems.

Kryptonite: Put into a large group of people and *poof* he’s gone. 🙂

Trivia: Trained wood carver.

Philip Kyler

Director of Support Operations

Skills: Driving customer success through tech, Scaling operational frameworks

Superpowers: Remote workforce leadership, professional coaching and career pathfinding, team cohesion, helpdesk ops

Kryptonite: Instant recall: mention a customer’s name, he’ll tell you everything about them from memory.

Trivia: Photographer – While he’s never profited from his creative side, he has been taking photos of urban and nature scenes for years.

Adrian Arsene

Incident Manager

Skills: perspective on how to approach problems, methodical mind, eye for details, a problem solver

Superpowers: agility and flexibility, endurance , troubleshooting and fixing problems

Kryptonite: A good and interesting topic can keep me up all night forgetting about time and space

Trivia: In order to feel acomplished in life a person must build a house, plant a tree,have a kid and work with the best. I can say I am accomplished!

Alex Dolven

Technical Operations Specialist

Skills: Organizing projects, creative problem solving, designing and documenting processes

Superpowers: Taking initiative and communicating clearly along the way

Kryptonite: Spending hours on Google Maps and forgetting why I was there in the first place

Trivia: I dabble in every creative hobby I can (woodworking, clay figurines, knitting, bass guitar), always looking to learn from and share in others’ creative endeavors.

Andrei Epure

Frontend Lead

Skills: Building UIs

Superpowers: Making computers beep boop

Kryptonite: Drum & Base

Trivia: Competed in dancing contests as a child

Anna Emmerich

Technical Account Manager

Skills: Digital audio advertising, creative problem solving, and a whole lot of optimism

Superpowers: Recipe improvisation, VLOOKUPS, rewriting other people’s emails

Kryptonite: Guinness (on tap) and beer battered anything…

Trivia: My go-to karaoke song is Fat Lip by Sum 41

Austin Miller

Technical Support Specialist

Skills: Customer care and advocation, bug tracking, Automation configuration and connection

Superpowers: Ad Revenue calculations, clear communication, always willing to lend an extra hand

Kryptonite: Games and Crypto, So much as a passing comment on either will open “Pandora’s box”

Trivia: Computers – Building or working on computers in any capacity is a favorite passtime

Bee Schmersal

Customer Support Specialist

Skills: Problem Solving, Customer Service

Superpowers: Learning, Troubleshooting

Kryptonite: Chips, Spicy Food

Bogdan Alexiu

TechOps Engineer

Skills: Troubleshooting, ad insertion deployments

Superpowers: Fixing things without doing anything

Kryptonite: Public speaking

Bogdan Staicu

Software Engineer

Skills: Software Development, Backend Engineering

Superpowers: Troubleshooting, Squashing sneaky bugs

Kryptonite: Griding Games, Food

Calin Spataru

Support Expert

Skills: Troubleshooting and research, Strategic thinking, Problem-solving abilities, Software proficiency

Superpowers: Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Curious

Kryptonite: Always jumps to a soccer game with friends if time allows

Trivia: Participated in several computer science Olympics and ranked 3rd in the chess school competition

Cam Black

Deployment Manager

Skills: Creating custom solutions, building relationships,

Superpowers: Metadata, automation systems, radio programming

Kryptonite: Sour gummy bears! Impossible to eat just one!

Trivia: Has played Guitar Hero competitively for the past 15+ years

Chadi Matar

Project Manager

Skills: Listening, Communicating and Delivering results

Superpowers: Finding ways to get things done! Attention to details – Hawkeye! Follow Ups…Follow Ups!

Kryptonite: 80s & 90s – The best decades for music. Prove me wrong :slight_smile:

Trivia: Launched my first radio station using WINAMP at the age of 14 and took requests on an M.I.R.C. channel :sunglasses:

Chuck Reynolds

Sales Executive

Skills: Sales Growth, New Channel Development

Superpowers: Uncovering hidden opportunities under big rocks

Kryptonite: Anything done on Snow or Ice

Trivia: Invited to go on tour with Ozzy Osbourne as his assistant

Cristin Iosif

Site Reliability Engineer

Skills: Analytical, research and problem-solving. Building sustainable and complex systems.

Superpowers: Identifying risks in “flawless” designs. Automate everything and embrace change.

Kryptonite: Awesome food and new tech.

Trivia: Love to learn and discover new things so much that I dropped out from university in the last year because it got boring 😁

Dan Cristian Golea

Mobile Engineer

Skills: Programming, communication, teamwork, organized

Superpowers: Curiosity, problem-solving, mobile dev

Kryptonite: Coffee, a good barbeque and more coffee

Trivia: I love playing and making video games in my spare time

Dragos Mihai

Frontend Developer

Skills: Creating and maintaining web applications (frontend)

Superpowers: Make stuff happen by writing code

Kryptonite: French fries, I guess

Trivia: Love/hate relationship with my guitar

Dragos Pana

Product Owner

Skills: Digging for solutions, defining product requirements

Superpowers: Communication and self starter

Kryptonite: History and Politics of first and Second world


Customer Support Specialist

Skills: Empathy, communication, leadership

Superpowers: Highly caffeinated and data oriented

Kryptonite: Youtube

Trivia: I love reading manga and watching anime.

Gene Savage

Customer Support Specialist

Skills: Communication, teaching, problem solving

Superpowers: Calming angry customers, Simply explaining complex concepts

Kryptonite: SUGAR! Specifically cookie dough ice cream. Also, live music of any kind or size.

Trivia: I knocked out my front tooth when I was 16 when I fell into an empty public concrete swimming pool at about the 5 ft mark.

Ionut Sarghi

Support Expert

Skills: Troubleshooting, Audio content delivery, KB Writing, Communication

Superpowers: Finding simple solutions to complicated issues.

Kryptonite: Team oriented computer games with a nice group of people may keep me up late in the nights.

Trivia: I’ve been picked up to be part of all my high school sports teams – football, handball and bascketball – because I was the tallest guy in there (6.2” currently).

Isaac Morse

Infrastructure Squad Lead

Skills: Managing networks, planning and executing upgrades

Superpowers: Keeping services online, customer communication

Kryptonite: Leave a plate of cookies out, he will eat more than he cares to admit.

Trivia: I began broadcasting online while I was in elementary school

Kathryn Milewski

Content Writer

Skills: Writing, researching, critiquing & caring

Superpowers: Making playlists, learning music-related fun facts, and being able to recite all the lyrics to every Paramore song.

Kryptonite: Put some bubble tea in front of her and she won’t do anything until she’s drank it all.

Trivia: Went to high school with Peter Parker. (Just kidding: she was an extra for “Avengers: Endgame.” Look to the left of Tom Holland’s head during the ending high school hallway scene and you’ll see her in a black hoodie.)

Kristelle Gabuat

Graphic Designer

Skills: I design graphics, edit videos, and everything in between.

Superpowers: I can make your logo bigger and make things ✨ pop ✨

Kryptonite: “Adobe Photoshop CC has stopped working”

Trivia: The bags under my eyes are designer

Max Krivanek

Software and Infrastructure Engineer

Skills: Creating simplified programs to solve complex problems, building secure systems and programs..

Superpowers: Logic, deep thought.

Kryptonite: Electronic music, a good book.

Trivia: Started programming in the 4th grade.

Maxim Karnaukhov

Software Engineer

Skills: Java backend/frontend development and cloud infrastructure.

Superpowers: Finding ways to get things done.

Kryptonite: Lego as a kind of active meditation.

Trivia: ACDC favorite band forever.

Michelle Ruoff

Marketing Manager

Skills: Juggling projects, writing, organizing

Superpowers: Memory, empathy, details details details

Kryptonite: Music obsessed – will stop everything to identify a good song to add to the library. Easily bored – for better or worse, needs lots of stimulus.

Trivia: As a child, wanted to be an astronaut. And, to this day would jump at the opportunity to go to space.

Mihai Rosca

Product Manager

Skills: Communication, critical thinking, innovation

Superpowers: No need for sleep, inspiration from thin air

Kryptonite: Cold energy drinks, any kind of animal

Trivia: I’ve played my first video game before I turned two years old

Mihai Vladarean

Software Developer

Skills: Motivation, Critical thinking, Dedication

Superpowers: Determination, Overachieve, Curiosity

Kryptonite: Football (Soccer), Music

Mikala Testa

Senior Accountant

Skills: Multi tasking, QuickBooks, payables/receivables

Superpowers: The ability to make my husband do chores with just a look, I can stare at spreadsheets for long periods of time without blinking

Kryptonite: Spam calls from vehicle warranty services

Trivia: These curls are all natural

Noah Tarutis

Marketing Associate

Skills: Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing

Superpowers: Running Facebook ads and playing video games way too late

Kryptonite: Being in large groups/crowded areas (anxiety) and High Humidity

Trivia: I love video games

Octav Plangu

Software Developer

Skills: Python, API development

Superpowers: Making integrations easy; Documenting projects as I work on them

Kryptonite: Trying out weird/unfamiliar food

Trivia: Learned piano and guitar by myself

Patryk Potakiewicz

Site Reliability Engineer

Skills: Clouds, K8S, GitOps

Superpowers: DevOps, Automation 🙂

Kryptonite: food 🙂

Trivia: IT enthusiast

Per Thulin

Player Development

Skills: php, scripting and putting those together. Old tech.

Superpowers: Bug hunting. Prototyping. Cat whisperer.

Kryptonite: Coconut, being asked to dance

Trivia: Amateur electronics engineer. Subnautica playtester. Vintage moped club member.


Frontend Developer

Skills: Making things pretty. Thinking of the user.

Superpowers: Knowledge of board games. My Rapunzel-like locks of hair.

Kryptonite: Cute indie games. A warm singing voice. Puppies.

Trivia: I walked a catwalk once.

Radu Motrescu

C++ Developer

Skills: C++ and Linux Enthusiast, Fast Learner

Superpowers: Can exit VIM

Kryptonite: Long meetings and people who don’t understand why capybaras are so awesome

Trivia: Has a black cat named Nyx

Rich Showalter

Live365 Sales Manager

Skills: Problem solving, Goal setting, Motivation

Superpowers: Attention to detail, Communication, Collaboration, Dedication

Kryptonite: Stopping everything I’m doing and cranking speakers to 11 when a favorite song comes on.

Trivia: First experience in a Radio Station studio was at age 7.

Roger D

Technical Support Specialist

Skills: IT infrastructure management, tech support

Superpowers: Adaptability, scripting

Kryptonite: Cinnamon

Trivia: Enjoy mountain hikes

Romane Cox

Customer Support Specialist

Skills: Radio Programming, Project Management, Troubleshooting

Superpowers: Work Ethic, Patience

Kryptonite: FIFA – It’s a love hate thing

Trivia: Had my own radio show at the age of 14

Charles Russel Ramos

Web Designer / Developer

Skills: Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Development

Superpowers: UI Design

Kryptonite: Back-end technologies

Trivia: Enthusiastic about new technologies

Sadie Lozensky

Customer Support Specialist

Skills: Organization, Helping broadcasters, Social Marketing

Superpowers: Wicked fast writer, Multitasking,

Trivia: Rodeo- I’ve been competing in rodeo since I was 8 years old, and have been riding horses my whole life.

Scott Klass

Senior Marketing Consultant

Skills: Building brands and marketing disciplines for evolving tech businesses.

Superpowers: Communicating what’s important about tech in regular-person talk. Getting everyone to talk about it the same way.

Kryptonite: Entire Radiohead shows on YouTube. And the Royal Tenenbaums.

Trivia: Opened up for Dave Davies (Kinks). Harmonized with him on a Kinks song.

Shawn Minisall

Customer Support Specialist

Skills: Jira, customer success & workflows

Superpowers: OCD, training others & deeper technical things

Kryptonite: Feed me any Star Trek content and I’m good to go.

Trivia: Received the one “most likely to take over the world” award at one company.


Customer Support Specialist

Skills: Empathy, writing, customer support

Superpowers: Herding cats, world building, finding ALL the bugs.

Kryptonite: Knowing a ton of things that has nothing to do with the current conversation.

Trivia: Sleeping can be considered a hobby.

Stacey Wolfe

Accounting Clerk

Skills: Accounting and clerical support.

Superpowers: Accurate financial records, great customer service skills

Kryptonite: Fresh ideas and creative strategies a plus!

Trivia: I wrote a children’s book called United Eggnations!

Syndrex Padilla

QA Engineer

Skills: Technical support, Documentation and Testing.

Superpowers: Versatile and have excellent capacity to retain new things.

Kryptonite: Cats – I want to take them all home.

Trivia: My name came from cough syrup lol

Tim Glorioso

UX Designer

Skills: Boiling things down (tomato sauces, user interfaces)

Superpowers: Font identification

Kryptonite: Rich Hickey’s talk on simplicity

Trivia: Won a handwriting award when he was 6


QA Manager

Skills: Supportive, honest

Superpowers: Organized, attention to details

Kryptonite: Chinchillas, puppies

Trivia: The terror of devs

Vlad Stefan Munteanu


Skills: Coding, dodging circular dependencies

Superpowers: Solving obscure problems, communication

Kryptonite: plants, kitties and old cameras

Trivia: Bonsai -> this is how I balance indoor and outdoor activities

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