For Enterprise Broadcasters / Podcasters

Growth in audio … on your terms.

You’ve built a media company bringing some of the most informative and entertaining content to listeners everywhere. You owe it to them to keep delivering. You owe it to yourself to work with a tech partner that’s focused on you and your simplest path to further growth, not on its own media. An open, independent, easy-to-use platform – and the collaboration of dedicated humans – is how you get there.

Advertising & Monetization

Open access to more advertisers = more revenue.

Keep the revenue flowing and keep your listeners engaged for a lifetime. It comes from providing wider access to more advertisers, not limiting it. 

SoundStack is grounded in a fundamental principle: “open” breeds opportunity. Only an independent platform, that connects your podcast/streaming inventory to as many buyers as possible, can provide it.

  • Higher fill rates with access to over 60 advertiser demand sources in Marketplace

  • Connectors give you access to the supply-side platforms (SSPs), demand-side platforms (DSPs), and ad servers of your choice 

  • More efficient optimization with tools like Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) core to the platform

Hosting & Delivery

Listeners love your shows. Let’s keep it that way.

“It must be frustrating for networks to experience outages like this,” said no listener ever. All they want is to be entertained and informed by their favorite podcasts and streaming radio.

From a fully redundant infrastructure to global coverage, SoundStack makes it simple for you to ensure your audiences are never left hanging, so they keep hanging with you.

  • Automation of nearly every aspect of Streaming and Podcasting delivery

  • Nine points of presence (POP) globally for closer delivery to every listener 

  • Dynamic ad insertion (DAI), programmatic enablement, and more

Insights & Reporting

Better living through audio unification.

Manage/analyze both podcasting and streaming on one platform and make more informed decisions for your entire business, with less effort. 

SoundStack is a single point of knowledge for audio publishers to know how audiences are listening, if everything is being delivered smoothly, what rights holders need to be paid, and more.

  • Cross-channel Audience Analytics in one dashboard

  • Automatic Royalty Reporting to SoundExchange and other Performing Rights Organizations (PRO’s) for accuracy and efficiency

  • IAB podcast 2.1 certification to ensure measurement based on a common standard

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Yes, great human helpers do live in tech.

There’s a regular refrain we hear from customers (and in the market): great service in media/ad tech – from smart, dedicated humans – should be just as fundamental as the smartest technology. 

With AI and the steady flow of other bright, shiny objects, it’s not hard to understand why many companies still forget to give customer service the focus it deserves.

Team SoundStack is the exception to that rule. Collaborating with our partners – to devise their most fruitful audio solutions – is table stakes.

Learn more about the Stackers who help you.

78% of buyers say that they’d do business with a company again, even after an issue, if that company provides great service, according to Salesforce.

Does service still matter in the age of AI? Read our article in Advertising Week.

There are essentially three main things we’re looking for in a podcast/streaming tech provider. The first is obviously intuitive, effective technology. The second is a partner who understands the challenges and opportunities within our industry. The third, and arguably most important, is a tech provider that’s nimble, innovative, and hasn’t forgotten how real collaboration between partners is just as necessary as the most advanced tools. James Bottorff, VP of Digital Strategy, Bonneville International

Finding more listeners has never been so simple.

Great content is great content. Listeners generally don’t care about the distribution platform on which they heard something informative or entertaining, only that they heard it, it impacted them, and they told their friends. How can broadcasters and podcasters ensure they’re connecting with as many people as possible? By becoming both.

Let's get your audio in order