New Waves

  1. The future of better audio ad experiences is now.

    While proponents of traditional server-side and client-side audio ad insertion constantly “battle” over which method is better, both are inefficient to some degree and add complexity. They attempt to do things that they weren’t built to do.

  2. The cycle of satisfied listeners and profitable publishers

    Streaming delivery issues impact more than just a smooth listening experience. If the stream doesn’t deliver effectively, neither can ads, and that means a revenue hit to publishers. So when we built ABR capabilities into our streaming server, DAS (Dynamic Audio Server), we built it to work in concert with dynamic ad insertion (DAI).

  3. A High-Level Look into Marketplace Dashboard

    Audio publishers need easy ways to see how all of those channels perform alongside each other so they can make the best decisions for their entire business. Let our own Heather Smith take you through Marketplace Dashboard.

  4. Jon Stephenson wins Radio Ink award

    Big thanks to Radio Ink for recognizing Jon as one of radio’s 30 and under superstars. Read a bit from his interview.

  5. Powering audio for everyone in 2024

    When every player in this space has a fair opportunity to flourish, everyone flourishes – podcasters, broadcasters, advertisers, networks, technologies, and more. Looking forward with CEO Jon Stephenson.

  6. Sounds Profitable goes deep into the Stack – part 5

    An independent, programmatic ad marketplace for digital audio means more buyers/sellers participating in an open exchange – instead of a select few in closed ecosystems – which in turn means more opportunity for everyone.

  7. How to create a podcast from a broadcast in 3 minutes

    Have a watch of our own Heather Smith as she walks you through the creation and distribution of a Splice – which automatically turns linear audio streams into podcasts – in this three-minute video.

  8. Sounds Profitable goes deep into the Stack – part 4

    A huge portion of the population values a more “lean back” experience forged in radio, where all the listener has to do is tune in. Podcasters need those audiences too. That capability is here with SoundStack Podcast-to-Broadcast.

  9. How to set up SoundStack Engine in less than three minutes

    Engine is not only the first digital audio delivery platform that gives mid-sized publishers access to enterprise-grade technology, but technology that’s really easy to use.

  10. Making life better for broadcasters and artists alike

    This is clearly about more than just broadcasters saving time…It’s about ensuring that creators can keep creating the amazing content that led us all here to begin with.

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