The swiss army knife of Audio-as-a-Service

Over 100 combined years of digital audio experience

Unlike other industries, digital audio is a bit different as it encapsulates historical methods of programming, copyright/royalties, encoding and revenue models. Because of this, we purposely built a team of experts in these areas, while adding a number of team members from adjacent industries. Our experience and diversity is our strength.

Moving audio bits around since 1997

Remember RealAudio? Unfortunately, so do we. Our team has been distributing digital audio for over 25 years. From early days of SHOUTcast, Icecast, Windows Media Server, Wowza/FMS to today’s latest dynamic ad insertion bundled options that include HLS. We know them all, pros and cons, intimately.

The value of monetization

Many of us started our careers selling local radio which morphed into selling digital packages locally and nationally. We learned quickly to deliver results to create long term partnerships. While the process of buying and selling advertising has changed, what hasn’t is our need to ensure we provide true monetization value to our partners.

The devil is in the digital details

It’s not enough to just distribute content or target ads, there also needs to be concrete understanding of the impact. You must measure what you want to manage, without it you are strategically flying blind, wasting time and resources. Our team has deep experience in all types of reporting insights, constantly improving our products as technology evolves to give you the data details you need.