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No matter what side of audio you started in โ€“ broadcasting or podcasting โ€“ great shows are great shows, and you want as many people as possible to hear them. Repurposing your content to accommodate both linear listeners (radio) and non-linear listeners (podcast) just makes sense.

Customer story

Capitol works hard to ensure those shows earn as much ad revenue as possible. Adding new programmatic demand partners to fill more inventory was hard โ€“ they needed a monetization partner that could also connect them to incremental advertiser demand easily.


Have a watch of our own Heather Smith as she walks you through the creation and distribution of a Splice โ€“ which automatically turns linear audio streams into podcasts โ€“ in this three-minute video.

In the news

Thereโ€™s a refrain we hear from customers: great service in media/ad tech is just as fundamental as the smartest tech. Is the market so obsessed with bright, shiny objects that itโ€™s stopped expecting real collaboration between people to help solve complex business problems?