SoundStack Labs

The question isn't who is going to let us — it's who is going to stop us?

SoundStack Labs is where our digital audio innovation is birthed, nurtured and tested for the real world. It’s the team that addresses internal and external industry challenges in different verticals of audio — everything from royalty performance reporting to cloud encoding to agnostic programmatic connectors to metadata conditioning…AND all the lovely parts in between. Rest assured when your internal voice screams, “Well, that makes no sense??!?”, we usually agree and develop a better way.

Unleash your ad tech restrictions

DAS (Distributed Audio Server) enables SoundStack and its publishers to insert audio ads from third party ad servers and SSPs directly into a podcast and live streaming, removing anti-competitive platform restrictions and technical challenges. DAS can run directly on SoundStack or is available as downloadable software for hosted environments. For more information, please contact your Technical Account Manager.

Programmatic pipes that fit even when the connectors don’t

As with any emerging tech, early standards are set as new standards are released making it difficult to enable certain DSPs to connect to audio SSP’s and vice versa. We felt that pain too, and have created products to overcome these challenges to make programmatic connections work and keep the revenue flowing.

Desktop encoders for seamless live streaming

One of the first SoundStack Labs experiments, our downloadable MP3-based desktop encoder was initially launched for Live365, a SoundStack company. Learn more about the encoder or download it for Windows or macOS.