Insights & Reporting Audience Analytics

More informed decisions for your business. More time for yourself.

Knowledge is power. Obtaining it easily is happiness. Get a single source of truth for how and where your audiences are listening – from podcasts to streaming audio – across all devices and platforms. Arm your best decisions on how to grow with less effort.

All in one

Audience data across your podcasts and streaming audio, unified in one dashboard

Full plate of data

Everything to measure comprehensively – Historical/real-time data, dayparting, API’s, and more


Fully audited reporting, including IAB 2.1 Podcast Certification, ensures your metrics are reliable and robust

No bots allowed

Eliminate bogus and fraudulent listeners to reduce royalty costs and the risk of Invalid Traffic rating (IVT) with advertisers

Pinpoint listeners around the world

Let's get your audio in order