For Podcast Networks

Keep your podcasters creating … and on your network.

How do great podcasters thrive? By continuing to create great content. The creativity part is on them; everything else is really on you.

From seamless hosting / delivery, to a steady stream of ad revenue, you’re there to open up as much opportunity as possible for your entire portfolio of shows. 

Operating on an independent platform – that prizes what’s best for podcasters and listeners over media owners – makes it easy for you to come through for creators, so they keep coming through for their audiences.

Advertising & Monetization

Open access to more advertisers = more revenue.

A reliable flow of ad revenue means your podcasters get to keep creating and engaging listeners. It comes from providing wider access to more advertisers, not limiting it. 

An independent, tech-agnostic platform breaks down the barriers around growth, connecting your podcast inventory to as many buyers as possible.

  • Higher fill rates with access to over 60 advertiser demand sources in Marketplace

  • Connectors give you access to the supply-side platforms (SSPs), demand-side platforms (DSPs), and ad servers of your choice 

  • More efficient optimization with tools like Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) core to the platform

Hosting & Delivery

Premium podcast productions with less effort.

Great shows start with the creativity of your amazing podcasters. Honor them by ensuring listeners can love their content without a hitch. Honor yourself by managing those podcasts on the most stress-free platform on the market.

  • With Podcasting, everything's in one place: creation, management, and distribution.

  • Use Players to embed shows and episodes on your website

  • Distribute to the largest podcast platforms including Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Audacy.

  • Global content delivery network with nine points of presence worldwide

  • Dynamic ad insertion (DAI), programmatic enablement, and more

Insights & Reporting

A complete picture of your portfolio’s performance.

The clearer and more comprehensive your analytics, the better decisions you make for your whole business. 

SoundStack is a single point of knowledge for podcast networks to understand how their shows are engaging listeners, from network-wide views to drill downs into individual podcasts.

  1. Comprehensive Audience Analytics, from unique users to listen-through rate; by geo, show, episode, platform, and more

  2. Ad revenue, impression volume, eCPM – at network or show level – with Marketplace Dashboard, updated every 24 hours

  3. IAB podcast 2.1 certification to ensure measurement based on a reliable, common standard


Yes, great human helpers do live in tech.

There’s a regular refrain we hear from customers (and in the market): great service in media/ad tech – from smart, dedicated humans – should be just as fundamental as the smartest technology. 

With AI and the steady flow of other bright, shiny objects, it’s not hard to understand why many companies still forget to give customer service the focus it deserves.

Team SoundStack is the exception to that rule. Collaborating with our partners – to devise their most fruitful audio solutions – is table stakes.

Learn more about the Stackers who help you.

78% of buyers say that they’d do business with a company again, even after an issue, if that company provides great service, according to Salesforce.

Does service still matter in the age of AI? Read our article in Advertising Week.

Finding more listeners has never been so simple.

Great content is great content. Listeners generally don’t care about the distribution platform on which they heard something informative or entertaining, only that they heard it, it impacted them, and they told their friends. How can broadcasters and podcasters ensure they’re connecting with as many people as possible? By becoming both.

Let's get your audio in order