Advertising & Monetization Connectors

Any partner you need to work with. One point of access.

Every supply-side platform (SSP) has different strengths – unique ad deals, capabilities, and more. Working with more of them makes sense, but it’s not easy. SoundStack Connectors lets you link your inventory to the SSPs, DSPs, and ad servers you want to work with in one place, keeping you in control of monetization.

More ad buyers

Open up every impression to more advertisers. Fill more inventory, earn more revenue.


Open, neutral platform eliminates the barriers of disparate technologies, so you can leverage anyone’s solution

The best innovations from multiple providers

Connect supply inventory to multiple SSPs and ad servers at the same time.

Reduced latency

Direct access to multiple SSPs reduces “daisy chaining,” timeouts, and more, putting you closer to buyers

Jon Stephenson goes deep with Bryan Barletta on Connectors.

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