We make audio simple

SoundStack simplifies audio through the development of platform-agnostic technology for creators and advertisers.

They trust us

We are obsessed with making audio intuitive and easy to use

Unlike other technologies, digital audio has actually become even more complex. We have a proven ability to stand up new publishers by creating simple solutions for complex systems.

We bring new thinking to audio

The need to stay current with increasingly complex integrations, including the shift to programmatic audio marketplaces, creates immense anxiety for partners and customers. Our innovative stack is the tech remedy your team needs.

We instill fast learning and agile processes across our organization

We have a team of MacGyvers who expect everything to always change. We embrace it like an old friend wanting to learn a better tech dance. Our nimble, agile mindset makes it possible.

We span decades of audio experience to connect dots others may not see

We own our successes as well as our failures. Our expertise spans new and old. An old concept is no more useless than a new concept is infallible. Our success is based on innovating constantly and remembering the errors of the past.

Let's get your audio in order