Enabling programmatic for podcasters: our partnership with Blubrry

Portrait of Jon Stephenson Jon Stephenson , CEO

At SoundStack, we’re always looking for ways to improve and bring the best of our technology to our customers and partners. Today we’re excited to announce a new alliance with Blubrry that will enable podcasts with programmatic advertising to be represented exclusively in SoundStack Marketplace.

We’re in good company as we join forces with Blubrry—a hosting pioneer that provides the optimal podcasting experience so independent creators can publish, analyze, grow, and now easily monetize their content.

Blubrry offers the best tools and services including hosting, IAB podcast statistics, private internal podcasting, WordPress hosting, monetization, and is the number one podcasting plugin for WordPress. Todd Cochrane and the team at Blubrry have a fantastic reputation and experience as a trusted distributor for podcasters around the world. Over the past few months, we were able to seamlessly integrate with their stack and are thrilled to now bring our solution to their customers.

Starting today, Blubrry creators both large and small have the ability to receive ad audio ads from dozens of premium demand partners in SoundStack Marketplace. This partnership promotes accessibility to everyone and underscores SoundStack’s commitment to offering agnostic ad tech and programmatic expertise, while helping to protect every podcaster’s brand.

Check out our press release with more detail here.

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