How to create a podcast from a broadcast in 3 minutes

Weโ€™re talking a lot these days about how easy it can be to automatically create a podcast from a digital stream, and vice-versa. Our CRO Rockie Thomas spoke with Bryan Barletta of Sounds Profitable about it last week.ย 

Whether you typically follow the linear audio model of more traditional streaming radio, or youโ€™ve been more focused on a podcast-first experience, the point is the same: everyone wants as big an audience as possible.ย 

It should be easy for anyone to expand their amazing content to any kind of listener โ€“ whether they prefer to proactively pick and choose what to listen to (when they want it), or they would rather just let shows arrive on a set schedule.

Weโ€™ve told you SoundStack Splice makes it all simple โ€“ now we want to show you.

Have a watch of our own Heather Smith as she walks you through the creation and distribution of a Splice โ€“ which automatically turns linear audio streams into podcasts โ€“ in this three-minute video.

Let's get your audio in order.