Introducing SoundStack

What about Live365?

Live365 will continue to build on SoundStack.

To our Live365 community: We’re not going anywhere. You’ll still know us as Live365. Our pricing model is the same, our offering is the same, and the people are the same. Our commitment to providing royalty coverage and an all-in-one broadcasting platform continues to grow. With the rebrand of SoundStack and the launch of our Engine product, we’ll be able to offer more reliability to Live365 stations and get innovative features first to our broadcasting community.

What’s ahead for SoundStack

While the new name is designed to clarify our mission, you’ll find that our core values and fundamentals haven’t and won’t change. We’re still the same great team of 50+ and growing, fully distributed across the globe and delivering the hustle and accountability we are known for. With an even clearer vision of the future, we are eager to launch even more powerful ways to deliver and monetize audio at scale. And the best part: we’re still at the beginning of audio. As a company, we will always be focused on simplification, innovation and staying nimble. And we will continue to break down barriers, affording access through an agnostic and unbiased way to further the audio ecosystem.

Let's get your audio in order.