Sounds Profitable goes deep into the Stack – part 2

Portrait of SoundStack SoundStack

It makes sense for audio publishers to work with a lot of supply-side platforms (SSPs) to help monetize their ads. Different SSPs (which allow a publisher’s inventory to be made widely available to a range of advertisers via demand-side platforms [DSPs]) have different strengths—unique ad deals, unique capabilities, and more. Limit yourself to only one SSP and you’re likely limiting your audio ad revenue. 

The problem is, there’s really never been a good way for all of those providers to work well together, making the audio publisher’s job really hard.

In this second, short installment of our deep dive with Sounds Profitable, Jon Stephenson gives Bryan Barletta the lowdown on the product we built to solve the problem—SoundStack Connectors—and other capabilities that round out our monetization stack.

Currently an alpha product, Connectors gives publishers more control by letting them connect their inventory to multiple SSPs and ad servers in one place. With more advertisers accessing those impressions, and a range of innovations at hand to ensure that each impression goes to the right advertiser, audio publishers earn more revenue, more efficiently than ever.

Watch Jon’s walkthrough above, and give us a shout to learn more about Connectors.

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