Sounds Profitable goes deep into the Stack – part 3

Portrait of SoundStack SoundStack

Audio publishers always want to expand their audiences and there are more ways than ever to do it. For many digital broadcasters, that means offering up their great shows on-demand as podcasts in addition to live streams, giving listeners more options, and publishers more ways to reach them. That, in turn, means more revenue.

Typically, adding new channels requires a lot of manual work, something that everyone—from a single staffer at an independent radio station to a group inside a larger enterprise—doesn’t have time for. In the era of slimmed-down teams, it’s a bigger issue than ever.

There are so many creators out there doing live content, and so many tools that protect those creators from putting it in just one location… we’re in the next stage of how to re-use and re-couple content, and tools that automate that process are in high demand… Bryan Barletta, Sounds Profitable

The answer? Make it simple for everyone to capture live audio content and turn it into a podcast seamlessly. We call it Splice

From easily capturing the segments of a live stream to shipping them to the destination of your choice automatically, Splice is all about efficiency and flexibility.

Jon takes Bryan Barletta through it below in the third segment of our deep dive with Sounds Profitable. Have a look, and reach out to us to learn more about Splice.

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