Broadcastify informs communities with SoundStack

New monetization options ensure the broadcast leader can continue to deliver critical live streams without a hitch

  • Grew ad revenue by over $500k

  • Helped ensure seamless handling of traffic spikes


While many think of radio and podcasting, first and foremost, as entertainment channels, it goes without saying that they’re equally critical sources of information. Within that, certain broadcast entities play an even more crucial role for the public, and Broadcastify is a perfect example.

An offshoot of RadioReference, the world's largest radio communications data management and media provider, Broadcastify provides over 7,000 live audio streams (itself, and through a range of licensing partners) focused on public service – including public safety, aircraft, rail, and marine-related communications. As such, they need to ensure that those streams get to massive numbers of listeners seamlessly, and, if necessary, accommodate for unexpected spikes in traffic.

In order to keep providing their invaluable service to communities everywhere, Broadcastify (like most audio publishers) needs ad revenue. While they were generating income through their licensing agreements, they needed a better solution to monetize their streams directly

By partnering with SoundStack's Marketplace to help monetize Broadcastify's free services, we are able to ensure that those free services are always available in times of emergency as well as any given day. Lindsay Blanton, CEO


Broadcastify came on the SoundStack platform in 2020 to manage and monetize their live streams. SoundStack Engine, the CDN that orchestrates streaming resources, could now support the business’s ongoing efforts to scale up capacity and handle traffic spikes related to important news events easily. 

With close proximity to listeners everywhere across a global network, the SoundStack CDN also helps ensure clear delivery of those streams, so listeners receive critical information in a high-quality experience.

Putting their ad impressions up for auction in SoundStack’s programmatic marketplace, Broadcastify was now poised to more efficiently monetize that high volume of streams by automatically tapping into a wide range of advertiser demand. 

The more effectively they generate revenue from their streams, the easier it is for Brodcastify to continue to provide their invaluable public service.


Moving their streaming and ad business onto SoundStack, Broadcastify:

  • Grew ad revenue by over $500k since starting with SoundStack by opening up their inventory to more demand, and automatically selling each impression to the highest-paying advertiser

  • Built in more support to easily handle traffic spikes related to major news events

  • Provided a reliable, high-quality listening experience so information is imparted to the public clearly

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Photo by Afif Ramdhasuma on Unsplash