It's a really simple solution (RSS)

Upload and go or configure to your heart's content

With SoundStack Podcaster, podcast publishers can host podcasts, edit and publish episodes, view analytics, enable dynamic ad insertion and much more.

Once users create a show on Podcaster, Podcaster creates an RSS feed to submit their podcast to a variety of directories as well as to post on the podcast showโ€™s website. We also have a feature that allows you to simply import all of your past shows to your RSS feed.

Your live stream is now a podcast too

Dynamic and precise ad markers

Flexible players for your brand and audience

Manage what you create

Built for simplicity

While there are plenty of podcast CMS and hosting platforms available, few are as simple to implement dynamic ad insertion and plug and play into direct and programmatic sales efforts as SoundStack. If you are a publisher that often produces live shows and you want to make content on-demand or turn into a podcast, there are even fewer choices. SoundStack Podcaster is built for simplicity, scaled for delivery and optimized for dynamic ad insertion.

Let's get your audio in order