Essential audience data made simple

Understand your audience with Insights

SoundStack Insights allows publishers to get a complete understanding of their audience across devices and platforms. SoundStack Insights informs decision making for audience and revenue generating strategies, programming decisions, and more using trusted data sources.

Understand who’s listening

Understand where your audience is listening by location, device, protocol, and more with key industry standard metrics.

Accurate, audited reporting

Fully audited reporting, including IAB 2.0 Podcast Certification to ensure your metrics are reliable and robust.

Make informed decisions

Use data to make informed decisions for your programming, release schedule, and advertising efficiencies to boost your overall audio experience.

Filter bogus traffic

Eliminate bogus and fraudulent listeners such as bots to reduce royalty costs and risk of Invalid Traffic Rating (IVT) with advertisers.

More features

  • Live streaming real-time metrics
  • Live streaming historical metrics
  • IAB Certified podcast metrics
  • Integration with Webcast Metrics
  • API availability
  • Dayparting

Everything you need to know and report in one dashboard.

The combination of having Live and On Demand in one dashboard, very detailed mapping, plus filterable royalty performance reporting…no one else has it all.

Let's get your audio in order.