Only pay SoundExchange for copyrighted performances

Performance reporting is more than just exporting a song list

Since the DMCA was enacted in 1998, performance reporting of copyrighted works which are transmitted digitally are essential to ensure publishers are legally compensating artists for their work.  Our performance reporting not only simplifies this sometimes time consuming process, but also offers features to help ensure accuracy in your reports to pay on all, and only, copyrighted content.

Detailed performance reports

SoundStack’s Perfromance Reporting solution tracks every content element aired on your stream including songs, promotional announcements, liners, intros, etc.

Performance filtering

Most publishers export their content performance logs and count their total performances, grunt at the cost and send it over to SoundExchange. SoundStack provides simple and customizable filtering to remove non-copyrightable content such as promos, station IDs, liners, weather and news reports as well as reporting performances that occurred only in the US.

Reduce your royalty payments

Most publishers are unaware they are being charged on their total performances submitted to SoundExchange including non-copyrighted content. By properly filtering your performance reports to remove non-copyrighted content and filtering for only United States consumption, it provides a sometimes substantial monthly savings for publishers.


  • Keyword Filtering
  • United States, Canada and United Kingdom Filtering
  • Exportable Performance Reports, ready to forward to SoundExchange.

We are performance reporting experts

Why? Because through our Live365 brand, we pay not only SoundExchange, but also ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, PPL, SOCAN and others as part of our royalty coverage within the Live365 product. We are proud to help support artists, but we don’t believe their performance rights organizations should be over-compensated for works that are not under their copyright. You paid once to create your station liners, you shouldn’t have to pay twice.

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