Make every impression count

A full suite of audio ad-tech platforms and tools

Publisher partners have access to a full suite of SoundStack audio ad-tech platforms and tools, enabling both direct and programmatic opportunities. The SoundStack advertising platforms enable all digital audio publishers to manage targeted and trackable audio advertising campaigns on any device and application. This enables traffickers to create, manage and monitor highly targeted campaigns while providing sales managers forward-looking inventory insights based on past inventory fill rates.ย 

Supports all audio distribution formats

Regardless of whether the audio content is live, linear, simulcast, on-demand, or podcast, ad trafficking and management is all in one place.

Supports standard third-party audio ad tracking

Precise ad tracking and reporting ensures each impression is counted and reported to advertisers โ€” no matter where they listen.

Detailed reporting

Reporting of every audio impression by advertiser, campaign, order, creative, DMA, device, daypart, uniques, LTR (listen-through rate) and much more.

Let's get your audio in order.