I love audio! Now, how do I make money?

We drive revenue and increase value for our clients

The audio industry is growing, changing and converging at warp speed. Even the most innovative technology needs a revenue model and strong customer base to succeed. Our senior team brings decades of experience and relationships with audio publishers, advertisers and audio ad tech companies. We will creatively partner with you to help you achieve your vision.

Revenue strategy

Gone are the days of figuring out how to optimize one revenue stream, today’s revenue strategies are numerous and often complex. We learn about your revenue goals and help you create revenue strategies that are not only obtainable, but profitable.

Go-to-market strategy

Starting from scratch is tough, whether it is a new station, podcast or revenue strategy. We help get your digital ducks in a row before you launch to ensure you have explored all opportunities for a successful launch.

Strategic revenue partnerships

Because of our long experience in the digital audio industry we are well positioned to help define how to segment your inventory for best optimization. Sometimes it’s creating a sales team, other times it is best to allow third-party sellers to represent your inventory. We help you understand what will be best for your growth.

Programmatic strategy

Do you cringe at the word programmatic? That’s okay, we understand how confusing and sometimes frustrating it can be to start participating in these programmatic channels. The good news, many of us at SoundStack were the ones who built these foundations over 10 years ago. Our experience is your gain, without the pain.

Technical consulting

This is a big one. Beyond how to increase revenue, many businesses must contend with changing technical operational standards which can make all other efforts come to a grinding halt. Our team of digital audio technical experts can help you understand what is truly needed and what you can put off for later, creating an executable roadmap for technical success.

Experience, expertise, and an innovative spirit

Let's get your audio in order