Easily monetize digital audio content at scale


SoundStack Marketplace is an independent, tech agnostic global audio ad exchange enabling advertisers and publishers to transact the buying and selling of premium digital audio advertising.

Ad tech platform agnostic

Regardless of where you host your streams or podcasts, we have a solution enabling your digital audio content with programmatic advertising opportunities.

Demand agnostic

Our goal is simple: fill as many available impressions with the highest quality and diversity of advertisers possible.

Independent, open marketplace

SoundStack is not owned by anyone but us. We are not beholden to any larger corporate owner, nor do we have a direct media sales team where campaigns have priority at a lower price. We operate a marketplace that allows the natural economics of supply and demand to dictate price.

Publishers are paid consistently and on time

Many of us at SoundStack used to be publishers. We thoroughly understand the importance of timely payments to your overall organization’s cash flow and operations.ย  SoundStack Marketplace has consistent revenue reporting and payment procedures so you know how much you will be paid and when.

More about SoundStack Marketplace for publishers:

  • Connect to SoundStack Marketplace programmatically through a direct partnership, PMP, VAST connection or numerous other solutions.
  • SoundStack Marketplace monetizes all flavors of digital audio content: linear, OTA, pureplay, on-demand and podcast.
  • Since our stack is dynamic server-side based, we can monetize any type of device, directory or service.

Quality demand at scale from a perfectly independent source

Our independence is our secret weapon. It has allowed us to build a world-class audio marketplace without regard for competitiveness. The more the merrier! Plus, with the most tech-forward ad stack and custom-developed products, we facilitate efficient connections where others canโ€™t.

Let's get your audio in order