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Would it be trite—or maybe just plain silly—to start this post by saying that love can mean a lot of things? So be it! Love can mean a lot of things—understanding your partner deeply, being kind to the in-laws, buying heart-shaped chocolate…the list goes on.

To me, love is most importantly about reliability. It means that you’re always there for someone—that they can count on you no matter what—to pick up the dry cleaning when you said you would, to be on time for that important dinner, or maybe just to lend a sympathetic ear. 

If you’re an audio broadcaster/podcaster, you know that you have a similar responsibility to your audience. They count on you. I listen to NPR “Up First” every morning for some quick info on what’s happening in the world. If for some reason it hasn’t been updated by a certain time on a given day, I cope with it, but I feel let down (and uninformed). 

I’m not alone. According to Edison, one third of all 13-34 year olds in the U.S. listen to a podcast every day. That’s a big responsibility for each player involved in delivering that content, from the production company to the CDN. Leave that many people in the lurch on any given day and you’re definitely going to break some hearts. 

So what’s the best way for a business to keep the audio love flowing? With SoundStack Engine, it comes down to three basic tenets:

1. Automate

Ever wait days for your service provider to make changes you’ve submitted?

Manual configuration of audio delivery is slow and leaves more room for potential errors. 

SoundStack Engine is one of the few CDNs that automates almost every aspect of delivery, from setting up fully redundant infrastructure to delivering audio closest to your listeners. Real-time, global orchestration means your audience is pretty much never left hanging. 

Engine automates content creation too. Need an easy way to hook up listeners who prefer to listen on demand? SoundStack Splice lets you set some basic parameters to create podcast episodes automatically from your live streams. Now that’s love.

2. Get closer. Perform better.

Bringing your shows to listeners through multiple, disparate delivery networks is like asking a few random people to pass along a loving sentiment for your partner. It’s indirect. It’s out of your control. You might as well just break up now.

We operate our own fully autonomous network, purpose built for audio delivery. So if, for example, you suddenly get super popular and the whole world wants to listen to your show, you navigate the spike and continue to hook everyone up without even thinking about it. 

Moreover, because our network has nine locations globally, delivery is physically closer to every listener around the world, so they get the programming they love seamlessly.

3. Make it simple for everyone.

There’s a lot of innovation out there that can help audio publishers smoothly deliver great shows to a wide portion of the population. The problem is that not every organization has the resources or time to take advantage of it. 

SoundStack Engine is the first audio delivery platform to ensure that publishers of any size have access to easy-to-use automation. Need a good example of just how meaningful that access can be? Check out the deal we struck with Zeno Media.

Each listener deserves as much love as the next.

How easy is it to automate delivery in SoundStack Engine? Look for our follow up post shortly. In the meantime, talk to us about how to make your broadcasts more reliable with SoundStack Engine.

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