Reach the ALL TAIL at
global scale


SoundStack Marketplace is an independent, tech agnostic global audio ad exchange enabling advertisers and publishers to transact the buying and selling of premium digital audio advertising.

Global scale

SoundStack Marketplace brings together over 12,000 stations and podcast shows. This creates over 1 billion impressions across 68 million unique listeners every month.

A truly unduplicated audience

A recent survey identified that only 15% of SoundStack’s audience also listens to Pandora, while only 17% also listens to iHeartRadio and only 31% also listens to Spotify.

High-quality inventory

SoundStack’s inventory is highly addressable, highly targetable and GDPR & CCPA compliant. Bring your own data or let us target segments for you.

A unique, diverse and inclusive audience

Our content spans the gamut, allowing our demand partners to reach listeners of the largest stations and podcast shows, as well as our passionate and loyal supporters of niche content. We are proud to have created an environment where independent creators can share their passion and grow support.

We are perfectly independent

In a media world where the largest few control a majority share of ear, SoundStack maintains a spirit of inclusion, not competition.

More about SoundStack Marketplace

  • Buy us programmatically through a direct partnership, PMP or VAST connection
  • SoundStack Marketplace is built on AdsWizz’s AudioMax SSP
  • If you are not connected to AdsWizz, we are still able to create a seamless connection
  • Our inventory is highly secure and gives you access to a brand-safe environment
  • Target by geography, genre, behavioral data, device type or content type

Quality inventory at scale from a perfectly independent source

Our independence is our secret weapon. It has allowed us to build a world-class audio marketplace without regard for competitiveness. Plus, with the most tech-forward ad stack and custom-developed products, we facilitate efficient connections where others can’t.

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